jan 5 2022

pretty much since i got out of high school i've sort of considered myself a person who doesn't have a lot to say and like. you know what? i think that's a really shit mindset to have myself stuck in.

like i've been trying to unpack it somewhat and there's a few things i think that feed into it? like for one my friends tend to have more experience than myself in areas that i'm interested in so i sort of just step back because i don't have as much context as they do and it makes one Self Conscious. (i'm sort of a "the lighting has swag and the brushes have yolo" guy) but also it's almost definitely rooted in feeling like i Have to talk about certain things that exhaust me and that i sort of sincerely don't have fresh takes on and don't want to think about because they make me mad and tired (remember the discourse blog era? shudder.)

so i'm going to try and put some stuff on here about whatever the fuck and hopefully it will do something to the way my brain fundamentally works. probably mirror some content from other stuff i've worked on because i CAN and HAVE produced good content. if i'm doing it right it'll be fun :)

BUT why "web log"? like as opposed to "blog"

sort of have always thought the word blog sounded lame and stupid. and also it feels suitably vintage. idk you are living in my world right now