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Marine Environmental Student Work Archive

This page is intended to serve as an archive of the work I produce in the Marine Environmental Technology program. Please note that the contents of this page are student work, and as such are not peer-reviewed or in any other way guaranteed to be technically sound. That is to say: don't cite me on your reports, please! (But do check out my sources - I try to provide a lot of links.)

Ocean Literacy

What is ocean literacy?

The UNESCO Institute for Statistics defines literacy as "the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts." From this definition of literacy, we can infer that ocean literacy is the ability to interpret and apply information about the ocean, its inhabitants and resources, and their connections to the greater world.

Recommended reading: Ocean Literacy, published 2013 by the College of Exploration

This was a first-semester project, much of which was completed under a crazy time crunch - I'm trying to rewrite things as I go but things may slip through the cracks or not be as well-researched as I would have liked... Tread with caution, hic sunt dracones.